WaterBridge Resources aims to be the premier pureplay midstream water business

by growing its best-in-class water operations and assets.

By Staci Davidson, Knighthouse Media

Seven years ago, David Capobianco and his firm, Five Point Energy, foresaw both the need and opportunity to handle water using a midstream approach supported by long-term contracts.  This vision was shared by Stephen Johnson, who had run the production completion services divisions for Nabors Well Services.  In that capacity, Johnson oversaw an inefficient system of 1,500 water trucks in 15 different states, where logistics were getting in the way. Together with Five Point Energy, Johnson formed WaterBridge Resources in late 2015. Only three years later and WaterBridge has established itself as the largest private water midstream company in North America and a pioneer of the rapidly growing industry.


Delta Daylighting provides safe access to underground utilities for repair,

rehabilitation or new construction work.

By Mark Lawton, Knighthouse Media

Hydro-excavation involves directing a high-pressure stream of water to break up the dirt around an underground utility and then sucking up the dirt and rocks using a vacuum. It’s called “daylighting” because the process literally exposes the utility to daylight.

“If you dig around any type of underground utilities for oil and gas, water, electrical cable or fiber-optic cable – any disruption can have a negative impact on the nearby community,” President Jesse Pletts says. “We are safer, faster, less disruptive and more environmentally friendly.”

New NexGen Trailer

NexGen Energy continues to see positive results from the Arrow Deposit in Canada

and looks forward to mine production in the near future.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers, Knighthouse Media

Five years after the discovery of the Arrow Deposit in uranium-rich Saskatchewan, Canada, NexGen Energy Ltd. has confirmed through a Pre-Feasibility Study that it is capable of becoming the world’s largest producer of uranium. Once in production, NexGen expects the mine to produce more than 25 million pounds annually and generate nearly C$1 billion dollars in cash flow annually based on US$50 per pound uranium contract pricing.


As a junior oil and gas producer, Saturn Oil + Gas uses information gleaned from the big companies

to make profitable choices.

By Barbara McHatton

Saturn Oil + Gas picks proven winners. The Saskatoon-based oil and gas producer makes informed decisions regarding the best areas and methods to produce oil and gas – and is growing rapidly as a result. In 2018, it was ranked the best-performing energy company based on stock performance, according to John Jeffrey, chairman and CEO.

Permian Up close pictureof the truck

Permian Basin Materials uses its vast experience, advanced technology and safety culture

to meet the needs of customers in Texas.

By Staci Davidson, Knighthouse Media

Permian Basin Materials (PB Materials) LLC can flex its muscle in the Texas and Southwestern New Mexico market because it has so much experience in the industry. The company was established when three regional leaders – Wallach Concrete, Highland Concrete and Crockett County Mining – were pulled together to have strategically placed ready-mix and aggregate facilities across the region. PB Materials achieved lower transportation costs, timelier deliveries and improved customer service, and customers benefit from its management team’s more than 200 years’ experience in the market. 

US Energy

U.S. Energy Development Corporation is drilling longer lateral oil wells at faster speeds

By Mark Lawton

Following an extensive 40-year operating history that comprises over 2,350 wells in 13 states and Canada, U.S. Energy Development Corporation has found an affinity for the Eagle Ford Shale in south Texas. In 2015, the company bought more than 13,000 net acres in the Eagle Ford, one of the top seven shale regions in the United States. It now has 36 wells producing about 4,500 barrels of oil per day with 14 additional wells going into production in the coming months. 


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