A privately owned family business that has survived, grown in expertise and led the industry for 85 years is noteworthy in today’s business world.
A business owned within one family for five generations requires one person in all five generations to love the business. Bradleys Inc. is currently owned by the family’s fifth generation, Jim Williams Jr., who purchased the business following his father’s passing in 2007. His son, Jimmy Lee Williams, is the sixth generation, working his way up the chain of command as foreman in the production department.
After 85 years, the company’s name remains the same, but it is realigning its business model to meet the needs of customers’ improved reliability expectations. Through the decades, Bradleys has implemented cutting-edge technology, procedures and processes to provide state-of-the-art electric motor repair, rewinding, horizontal and vertical load testing, CNC services for hard-to-find or obsolete parts, field services, new motor sales and climate-controlled storage for critical motors and equipment.
Its 110,000-square-foot facility, built in 2010, employs the latest equipment, including a 100-ton bridge crane with 45-foot hook height and a load-testing facility with full-load and dual frequency testing capabilities up to 10,000 HP. It is the largest electric motor repair facility in south Texas. Bradleys is located at 600 East Highway 35 in Gregory, Texas, adjacent to Corpus Christi, Texas, the nation’s sixth-largest deep water port, accessible by rail and state highway.

In 2006, many Northeastern states were building wind farm projects, but Connecticut had not yet stepped forward. But Chairman Paul Corey and President and CEO Greg Zupkus sought to change that by founding BNE Energy Inc.
Both men had been friends for nearly their entire lives. “We have known each other all the way back to grammar school,” Zupkus recalls, adding that he and Corey have experience in government relations.
Zupkus had worked for AT&T, while Corey had served as the executive director for Connecticut’s Department of Public Utility Control, now called the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority. When he left the law firm of Brown Rudnick, Corey saw the chance to develop wind energy in the state.

There aren’t many companies in the world that can do what Atlantica Tender Drilling Ltd. does, and there’s a good reason for that. By specializing in tender drilling, Atlantica serves a select segment of the oil industry with drilling services that require a high level of skill and dedication.
Although the competition in this market is extremely limited, President and CEO Kerry Kunz explains that Atlantica nevertheless strives to be the best in the business, and the services it offers its customers make for drilling operations that are much safer and more effective than other types of development drilling.
Founded in 2007, Atlantica is a pure play tender assist contractor that specializes in development drilling from fixed platforms and Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs).

The global oil and gas market is in a downturn as many oil and gas producers have halted exploration and drilling activity because of the oversupply of oil in the market. ASCO Trinidad, however, is experiencing quite the opposite as a gas-exporting province with a number of new development projects on the horizon.
“The upstream industry is heavily investing in new development projects, which are intended to offset the declines in local gas production driven by natural reservoir declines and production interruptions,” says Bruce Mackenzie, executive director, Caribbean and South America. “ASCO is very busy at the moment and expects this to largely continue for a few years, at least.”

Natural gas production is booming in the United States thanks to hydraulic fracturing of wells, but exploration and production companies need strong midstream partners to get their product to customers. That need was the occasion for the creation of PennTex Midstream Partners LP in January 2014. 

PennTex’s management team has a long track record of building and operating successful midstream companies. Through strategic partnerships with exploration and production companies, PennTex links producers to downstream markets for natural gas and its components and ultimately to the industrial, commercial and residential end users. PennTex offers gathering, processing, residue gas transmission and liquids take-away for each of its customers’ specific needs.

The United Illuminating (UI) Company has a long and storied history as a regional electric transmission and distribution organization. It is one of the operating companies of the UIL Holdings Corporation along with The Southern Connecticut Gas Company, Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation and The Berkshire Gas Company. 

Established in 1899 as a result of the merger of the New Haven Electric Company and the Bridgeport Electric Light Company, UI has approximately 317,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers. UI is focused on transmission and distribution assets. There are approximately 800 employees at UI with around 1,850 employees as part of the UIL Holdings family. 

Ontario’s Red Lake district has been recognized as one of the richest gold-producing areas of North America for many years, but that doesn’t mean just anyone can move in and strike it rich. The geology of the area requires a lot of skill and expertise in order to capitalize on the rich mineral resources found in the ground, and it takes a very special combination of experience and knowledge to make the most of the opportunities the Red Lake district presents. 

Fortunately for junior exploration and development company Pure Gold Mining Inc., experience and knowledge are two things the company has in abundance. As President and CEO Darin Labrenz explains, the company was founded with a strong base of know-how specifically grounded in the Red Lake district. “One of our greatest strengths here is the depth of our senior leadership,” Labrenz says. 

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