The Caribbean has proven to be a fertile ground and ocean for the energy industry, and Paramount Transport and Trading Co. Ltd. has been right there providing the equipment muscle needed to exploit the region’s natural resources. Paramount Transport and Trading Co. Ltd. says it offers a wide range of meticulously inspected and constantly maintained machinery and equipment for the needs of the energy industry, plus for construction, lifting, engineering, cargo handling and heavy haul.
Among the energy industry customers for whom the Paramount Transport and Trading Co. Ltd. has worked on projects are Atlantic LNG Co. of Trinidad and Tobago, EOG Resources, the Petroleum Co. of Trinidad and Tobago, and Shell Trinidad Ltd.

As the company marks its 10th anniversary later this year, Vancouver-based Nevada Copper Corp. has every reason to look forward to the next 10 years, thanks in no small part to its flagship property. With the strength of the Pumpkin Hollow project in Yerington, Nev., Nevada Copper is in a prime position to reap the benefits of the state’s next big copper mine. Although the property has the qualities to be a major economic force in the state all by itself, Nevada Copper says the strengths it brings to the project will be critical to helping the company take advantage of those qualities.
Pumpkin Hollow was discovered by US Steel in 1960, and more than 180,000 meters of drilling had been conducted on the property by US Steel and other mining companies until 2001 to uncover the large copper and magnetite resources contained within. Nevada Copper acquired the site a few years later and since then has been focused on beginning underground mining operations, which it did in 2012. The company says that the mine is expected to be in production by 2019.
The Pumpkin Hollow project is projected to produce up to 274 million pounds of copper per year, according to Nevada Copper’s 2015 integrated feasibility study. Over the anticipated 23-year life of the mine, Nevada Copper expects to produce up to 4.5 billion pounds of copper as well as 512,000 ounces of gold and 15.6 million ounces of silver.

The winning combination of hard work and good people has been key to the growth of Mountain V Oil & Gas Inc., President S. Michael Shaver says. “We all get up early, stay late and everybody looks for opportunities,” he says.
Based in Bridgeport, W.V., Mountain V acquires and develops oil and gas reserves. Shaver and his father, Steve Shaver, founded the company in 1994 after many years in the industry.
“Our intent of going into business was to acquire mature oil and gas assets,” the younger Shaver recalls. “We were fortunate enough to acquire wells close to home, in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.”
When natural gas prices improved in 2002, Linn Energy acquired all of Mountain V’s legacy Pennsylvania assets, he recalls. Four years later, EXCO Resources Inc. purchased its West Virginia legacy assets.

Buildings frequently are seen as permanent structures, but in certain situations, making them mobile can be advantageous. This is just one of the many advantages of ClearSpan Fabric Structures. They use a rugged, all-purpose Hercules Truss Arch manufactured from high-quality, USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing to resist rust and corrosion.
Covering the steel is lightweight fabric with a strong, patented weave that is treated to resist weather and ultraviolet UVI rays. The fabric also can be flame-retardant and carries a 20-year warranty. The metal frames and supports are warrantied for 50 years. Another advantage that creates mobility for ClearSpan Fabric Structures is that they can be installed directly on the ground with little to no site preparation.

Enerfab Inc. has grown substantially from its start more than a century ago, but it still stays flexible, CEO of the Power and Industrial Division Greg Purdon says. “We’re a large contractor, but we’re small and nimble enough to become what the customer needs us to become,” he asserts.
Cincinnati-based Enerfab provides construction management, capital equipment, maintenance services and technology solutions to the energy industry and other industrial markets. The company started operations in 1901 as The British-American Sealing Wax Co.
Its products, Purdon notes, were often used to line brewers’ wooden beer barrels. Over time, though, the company moved away from wax and into manufacturing asphalt/felt-ready roofing and shingles.
In 1982, it purchased Oberle Jorde, which specialized in boiler erection and the installation of power plant auxiliary equipment. Today, as Enerfab Power & Industrial, it primarily focuses on the power generation market, Purdon says.

Elmer Stewart has worked in uranium, base metals, gold and copper in Canada and other countries around the world. During his 38-year career, Stewart worked in various senior management positions for private and publicly traded companies. Prior to getting involved in the copper space, Stewart worked in the gold sector and personally oversaw five gold mines that went into production.
In his current role as president and CEO of Copper Fox Metals Inc., however, Stewart has left the gold sector behind in favor of a mineral that continues to grow in demand and necessity. “I liked gold, but never really understood how people valued it as much as they did,” he says. “To me, copper is a bigger part of our society; society needs it, whether we like it or not. The necessity of copper going forward, for me, seemed to be a better investment.”

A privately owned family business that has survived, grown in expertise and led the industry for 85 years is noteworthy in today’s business world.
A business owned within one family for five generations requires one person in all five generations to love the business. Bradleys Inc. is currently owned by the family’s fifth generation, Jim Williams Jr., who purchased the business following his father’s passing in 2007. His son, Jimmy Lee Williams, is the sixth generation, working his way up the chain of command as foreman in the production department.
After 85 years, the company’s name remains the same, but it is realigning its business model to meet the needs of customers’ improved reliability expectations. Through the decades, Bradleys has implemented cutting-edge technology, procedures and processes to provide state-of-the-art electric motor repair, rewinding, horizontal and vertical load testing, CNC services for hard-to-find or obsolete parts, field services, new motor sales and climate-controlled storage for critical motors and equipment.
Its 110,000-square-foot facility, built in 2010, employs the latest equipment, including a 100-ton bridge crane with 45-foot hook height and a load-testing facility with full-load and dual frequency testing capabilities up to 10,000 HP. It is the largest electric motor repair facility in south Texas. Bradleys is located at 600 East Highway 35 in Gregory, Texas, adjacent to Corpus Christi, Texas, the nation’s sixth-largest deep water port, accessible by rail and state highway.

In 2006, many Northeastern states were building wind farm projects, but Connecticut had not yet stepped forward. But Chairman Paul Corey and President and CEO Greg Zupkus sought to change that by founding BNE Energy Inc.
Both men had been friends for nearly their entire lives. “We have known each other all the way back to grammar school,” Zupkus recalls, adding that he and Corey have experience in government relations.
Zupkus had worked for AT&T, while Corey had served as the executive director for Connecticut’s Department of Public Utility Control, now called the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority. When he left the law firm of Brown Rudnick, Corey saw the chance to develop wind energy in the state.

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